Warlords 10v10 Ladder

Warlords Ladder

Warlords 10v10 Games


Requirements for participation:

  • You will need a team of 10 players. I would suggest having a reserve on your team as well.
  • The ladder will be hosted on outputgaming.org servers. As such players banned from OGOC servers will be unable to compete.
  • To have your team added to the Ladder, you will need to contact Ferzhuzad#8956 on Discord
  • You should familiarize your team with Warlords and the map we will be using. See here for a quick overview.


  • To win the tournament your team must have the highest score on the ladder.
  • Points will be awarded for winning a game.
  • To win a game you must capture the enemy base.
  • Games will be limited to 3 hours maximum.
  • If the round reaches the time limit, the CP value of the teams held sectors will be used to declare the victor.
  • Games will be scheduled for Mondays at 7PM AEST (QLD)
  • There will be up to 2 admins spectating each match and the matches will be live streamed on twitch with a 15-minute delay to stop stream snipers.
  • Any teams found stream sniping, using cheats, exploits or bugs will be eliminated from the tournament and possibly banned from OGOC servers.
  • Teams must always have a minimum of 7 players online, failure to do so will forfeit the match.
  • In the event of any unforeseen circumstances arising, Ferzhuzad shall have the final say.